"M’s, coming!" Zhuge’s face changed slightly when he was not bright.


The fox demon stood on the top of an ancient tree, peerless and graceful, and shouted, "You can’t escape from this queen’s palm. Two mere humans dare to run wild in the depths of Qingyue Mountain, and dare to hit this queen hard. I can’t keep you today!"
Yin Meng glass silver teeth clenched, filar silk cold overflow out of the body, there is a blue mans flashing between their brow.
"Don’t make a weak resistance." Fox smiled seductively: "As long as you give me the boy, the Queen can let you go."
"Fuck you M’s fox, I won’t be your victim!" Facing the peerless beauty in front of him, Zhuge Liang couldn’t help swearing.
Of course, he knows what this fox demon is doing to catch himself. Before that, he and Yin Mengli accidentally broke into the scope of this fox demon, but they were targeted by this fox demon that has been in existence for 400 years. I want to catch Zhuge before he shines, and suck Yang essence out of him to improve my cultivation.
When foxes practice obsequiousness, they can catch people’s eyes with a smile. At the beginning, Zhuge was not bright and almost got in her way.
Yin Mengli held the sword tactic in her hand, and the fairy sword in her hand turned into a cold current to kill the fox demon, instantly freezing the ancient tree where the fox demon stood.
"I don’t know if I live or die!" The fox demon rose in the air, the white fox tail swung, the fox demon swooped down, and the slender jade finger turned into a claw full of white hair and grabbed at Zhuge.
Zhuge finished printing before dawn, and a bloodstain the size of a millstone appeared in the palm of his hand, attacking the fox demon. The blood print was suppressed with the billowing blood gas.
After several times of life and death, Zhuge Buliang became more and more familiar with the spectre’s blood print. Although he could only wield some fur of this killing skill, his lethality was beyond doubt.
When the blood print was suppressed, the fox demon’s white hair claws shone with a gorgeous divine light to stop the suppression of the blood print.
Zhuge repeatedly took several palms before dawn, and the invisible air palm enveloped him, covering the void, and even several towering ancient trees were crushed under the pressure of this air palm.
"What a smelly man who doesn’t understand amorous feelings!" The fox demon’s face showed anger, and the graceful posture was covered with a layer of light fog, which atomized into the shape of a white fox, and the sharp roar broke several air palms.
"romantic!" Yin Meng glass is drunk, and a cold chill is under the cover of the sky. Blood flowers float in the sky for half a day, and a bright moon is suspended in mid-air. The silvery light is extremely cold, as if it can freeze everything in the world.
Silver moon towards the fox demon hood, even if it is better than the fox demon, a powerful monster beast that has been cultivated for four hundred years, it can’t help but change color, and quickly retreat. All two jade palms turned into white claws, waving a large piece of Guanghua to bombard silver moon.
But even so, silver moon still blew on the fox demon, and the new cold froze the space of dozens of meters in Fiona Fang, and all the ancient trees and bushes were covered with frost.
The fox demon spit out one mouthful blood, and her body was also covered with a layer of frost. Her face went white and even her lips became pale.
"Damn human woman, delay the good things of my mother!" Murder looms in the eyes of the fox demon, but at this moment, several ice swords fall from the sky with a cold chill.
The fox demon is graceful, dancing in the air, avoiding the beheading of several ice swords. She is extremely flexible, and the ice sword is chopped off, but only a wisp of moss is cut off from the fox demon.
"Dear brother, leave with your sister, and she will make you * * dead * * immortal and happy as a fairy ~ ~ ~" The fox demon’s voice is full of flattery, which makes people feel numb, and the smoke eyes stare at Zhuge.
"Don’t look into her eyes!" Yin Meng glass drink a way.
Don’t have to remind Yin Mengli that Zhuge Buliang has looked away. At the beginning, he almost got caught by the charm of the fox demon. The cracked handprint was photographed, and the light palm as white as jade blew towards the fox demon.
"If you refuse to obey the Queen, I will cut you to pieces!" The fox demon was angry, and his face was cold and murderous. White-haired claws waved several light blades towards Zhuge’s unlit hood.
Zhuge hit the blood mark again before dawn, and the blood mark the size of a millstone shattered the fox demon’s attack.
At the same time, a loud phoenix song sounded, and a snow phoenix flew in the air and flew towards the fox demon. Yin Mengli once again released the magic weapon of pornography. After entering the then period, her cultivation increased greatly, and Xue Huang pounced on the fox demon with fierce murder.
"what! Yellow magic weapon! " The fox demon exclaimed and was shocked.
A white fox went up against the sky, and the fox demon turned into an ontology, trying to shake the attack of Xuehuang hard.
Blood in the night across a dazzling trace, the fox demon screamed, a white fox tail paragraph.
The snow burns and sings, and the sharp chicken feet are like Jack nife, grasping at the fox demon.
Chapter sixty-four To ruthless (a)
Chapter 72 To ruthless (1)
The fox demon turned into a wisp of white smoke and flew towards the primitive jungle. The fox tail is the crystallization of all the cultivation of the fox demon. Without the fox tail, most of the cultivation of the fox demon has been lost.
At this time, under the huge light palm, the fox demon was returned to its original shape, and a white fox without its tail fell to the ground. Zhuge broke the bleeding mark again before dawn, and suppressed the fox demon below.
"No … don’t kill me, don’t kill me!" Fox demon tore heart crack lung cried.
Zhuge walked up before dawn and said with a smile, "You fox, do you still want to suck the penis of my young master?"
"No, I dare not. Please forgive the little demon." The fox demon pleaded, losing most of his training, and the fox demon had to compromise.
Yin Mengli took back Xue Huang and said, "Don’t give her any trouble, foxes are cunning by nature, so kill her quickly."
Zhuge Liang shook his head regretfully. "It’s a pity to be so beautiful," he said. "It’s good to practice hard. You have to play my mind. You think it’s bad luck!"
After that, Zhuge’s hands were like knives when he was not bright, and his white edges were sharp.
"Don’t kill me, please don’t kill me, I want to be your slave." The fox demon shook his head desperately.
"Sorry, no need, I’m not interested in people and animals!"
"I can give you a panacea, but please let me live." The fox demon begged.
Zhuge’s eyebrows did not light up, and his heart moved slightly. After all, this is a monster beast that has been in the road for 400 years. It is extremely difficult to cultivate the monster beast, and it is necessary to cooperate with a large number of elixirs. With such cultivation, this fox demon must have hidden a lot of elixirs.
Thinking of this, Zhuge Liang smiled and said, "A panacea? What panacea can you come up with? "
"Don’t be tempted by her!" Yin Mengli is a little impatient.
The fox demon said, "As long as you are willing to forgive the little demon, the little demon is willing to repay with all the elixirs."