"Good plan! However, according to the plan of being handsome, when the enemy is captured, the dark god is afraid that it will be completely smashed and ruins can be seen everywhere. "


"I know nothing!" Xu Shuai was furious. "After chasing the enemy for 10 days, the sergeant and God made countless deaths, but no one was killed or injured in the city where the enemy was disturbing. What does this mean? It means that this pirate is not a bloodthirsty monk, but a bloody monk. Anyone who threatens his safety, his sword will kill people … "
"That’s according to Xu Shuai, I’m dark …" Staff sneer.
"Exactly," Xu Shuai interrupted, "one is fifty percent sure and withdraws his troops. If the alarm is removed, the soldiers will not have to die, the gods will not have to die, and the battlestar city defense will not be badly damaged. "
Strange cries began, and all kinds of laughter exploded in the meeting room. The dark god is silent. After the laughter stopped, he said, "This plan is not good, it takes too long, and all kinds of covert surveillance operations are not necessarily costly. If this star steals knowledge and escapes, the dark god will sweep the floor with dignity and fame. Therefore, any plan to attack the enemy should not be mentioned. What this cabinet needs is an active plan to rob the enemy. "
"Master, BeiZhi has a plan …" Just now, one of the staff who laughed the most stood up.
"Master, star thief, want to also have pride. The cabinet master can challenge this thief to steal a contract. At that time, the cabinet master can send elders to haunt this fellow … "
"wishful thinking, never do it." The dark god waved his hand to veto. Joke, who will agree to such a challenge? These aides and staff think silly about thieves and pirates.
You said something, I said something, and by the end of the meeting, all the staff and soldiers could not find a way to deal with it. Think about it, too. You can’t lock the trace of Tianxin and see the enemy. No matter how good the plan is, it’s useless.
The dark god, God, is depressed. There seems to be no way out for the time being for this explosive interstellar pirate who appears in his own world.
There is a saying that you don’t know the situation in the bureau, you don’t know the face of a mountain man, and you are only in this mountain. The dark god wondered about the origin of Xiaoxing’s pirate fortress and the purpose of Xiaoxing’s pirate master, but all this reached the ears of the black nebula of the black dynasty emperor in the spirit world of Kuntian days later, and the black nebula laughed. He didn’t have to think about who was hiding the dark god. It’s just that things have changed and there is no evidence. The Heilie Nebula has to keep the answer in its heart, and at the same time, it is more alert to the three countries. The three countries of China retaliated just because the Dark God provided weapons to the Heilie Dynasty. In his eyes, he was a clear madman, and he didn’t want to think whether the power of the Dark God could compete with the original world or the three countries of China.
"This madman, forget it, I can’t afford it!"
Give to him and benefit here. Things in the world often have a butterfly effect. As I didn’t expect a big fight in the dark heaven, I conquered the dark nebula in the spirit world of Kun Tian, and let this guy temporarily accept the idea of dealing with Kai Yuan Jie Tian and start a war again, which indirectly won time for Kun Tian Sanzhi New District to expand from 300 star fields to 1,000 star fields in the whole occupied area.
This is also a windfall. However, when things have positive effects, they also have negative effects. Tianxin made a scene to subdue the black nebula, but it also caused a big trouble for itself, and a strong latent enemy broke out under the tree without knowing when.
As the dark nebula thinks, the dark gods are unusually powerful. When the heavenly heart targeted the Dark God Pavilion, the highest authority of the Dark God, the huge state machine of the Dark God moved, and it was no longer a "cat and mouse" action. Tianxin didn’t even dive near the Dark God Pavilion, so he had to retreat. Although he benefited from Pang Hong’s knowledge, he escaped the interception of the huge dark god army and the angel corps in time, but he staged a fierce battle event that seemed to break through.
Absolutely genuine repair for hard top!
In order to catch the hateful interstellar pirates, the dark god army went down from a distance, blocked like a chess game, enough fortress wings, enough God-made legions, and densely woven high-level true spirit legions. This camp work, almost from thousands of star field began to decorate. If the heavenly heart’s knowledge is a little dull, and the scope of exploration is not as large as thousands of star fields, or this detection ability is known to the other party, it is impossible for the heart to jump out of the encirclement in time that day. Even so, he also put the stealth tactic chaos hidden god tactic in full operation, and the twists and turns of the escape route were staggering, and there were countless small battles at the touch of a button. Fortunately, before going to the Dark God Pavilion, Xiaoxing Pirate Lianxing Fortress stayed in a hidden dangerous star belt outside thousands of star fields. Otherwise, Xiaoxing Pirate Lianxing Fortress will definitely fall.
Since then, Tianxin hasn’t called the Dark God Pavilion, or even the idea of Dark God’s central star field. For dark god day almost trapped his actions, as an excellent star pirates, is to retaliate. As a result, with more than 400,000 star fields, the dark gods, the middle and remote star fields appear from time to time with the figure of small star hacking, which makes the dark gods and various grades of dark gods make the bright gods busy.
"Cool, cool! Happy, happy! "
Don’t go to the dark god pavilion, don’t go to the central star field, don’t touch the dense army, hundreds of thousands of star fields, and Tianxin tore open the interstellar big move or drove the small star to steal the number and jump around the fortress. When you are happy, lead the army of the dark gods and the army of the gods behind you, or find a small god who is alone to try and kill them; Or directly into the number is many, but can’t trapped his dark god high-order true spirit legion. When you are unhappy, you sneak into the important star city of the dark god, take the bullet from your opponent, and then escape far away, so that your sulk can be transferred to the dark god and heaven.
"Evil thief! He changed the pattern of the dark gods! "
A dark media named Tianxin Rusi.
For fifty interstellar days, Tianxin made the Dark God Pavilion and the Dark God Military Department extremely miserable. Although it didn’t move to the Dark God God and the staff who advised Kun Tian’s spirit world and Kai Yuan’s world to fall into war again, it basically completed the three-system counterattack task, especially after moving to the Dark God’s star field for hundreds of thousands of days and dozens of interstellar days. After numerous fierce battles and active dangers, the combination of Tianxin’s god knowledge and its own strength entered a new realm, and the preliminary determination of Dark God’s military strength was completed. The harvest is quite big!
It’s time to go home

Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine The disappearance (on)
If you don’t worry about the outside, you will repair it.
Dozens of interstellar days have passed quickly, and we can see that the spirit world of Kuntian is calm and there is no wave, and there is no change in the Heilie dynasty. It seems so quiet that even the will to organize the Xinlan racial alliance and the Qingqiu racial alliance in our backyard is lacking. Naturally, we will not "tamper with" many countries in China, except that there are some small fluctuations in the Kuntian Sanzhi New District. However, the fluctuations are limited to the stage when the two parties are calm and negotiate to solve the conflict, that is, the first stage of the conflict handling of the everyone judge system. Tianxin decided to take this opportunity to travel to the ten families of the universe. After coming back from the dark heaven, he explored dozens of interstellar days in the empty snowy world, and he didn’t make any progress. He was also bored. But just as he was about to leave, an alarm came from the Star City of the Earth’s Nine Extremes.
The origin of the matter is very simple, and it is still a three-system system. This can be seen from the surprise of the superiors from all walks of life.
"Who would have thought that it would take countless blood and fire baptisms for civilization to evolve a little bit? The patriarchal clan system broke out with unimaginable vitality in Kuntian Sanzhi New District. In the more than 100 interstellar days after the punishment of Tianzhi, the patriarchal clan system overcame the naturally occurring demons such as laziness, selfish desires and evil thoughts, which were difficult to solve, and took a big step towards more activity, toughness, stability and potential. Miracle! Miracle! I think it took a long time for my family to get out of this step. Countless people with lofty ideals shed stars for this, and countless ethnic ups and downs have been planted. Now that I think about it, my heart is still sorrowful, it is difficult to restrain my grief and anger, and it is difficult to sigh … If only there was such a system to reconcile the patriarchal system! " Ge pao, the intelligence chief of the 10-party Huang nationality, said something strong.
"In this world, obviously, it is not only the war that destroys everything that can call back the spirituality of the heart of intelligent life. It is profound and more applicable to the basic law of growing all beings, and with the iron and blood soldiers who fit it, civilization can evolve benign. Today, we saw it! " The star of the king of the war clan shines in the void.
"Ha ha. Just say, infinite spirit is the cornerstone of the evolution of civilization. The spirit is the Tao, and the Tao has two points, that is, the righteousness is opposite, the ambition is yin and yang, the illusion is all things, and the poor level changes. If civilization is to deepen, spiritual freedom is necessary. And if the spirit is infinite, the carrier of wisdom must exist well. Now that I am looking at Kuntian New District, I am enlightened. " The clan chiefs sighed.
"So, how can I have a dark day?" Hold tight the latest report of Kuntian Sanzhi New District with detailed data in your hand, and a hideous color appears unconsciously between the dark gods and the dark gods. At this point, he felt that the threat of the growth and eruption of this new area was no less than that of dozens of damn thieves who suddenly disappeared and made the dark days "trip up".
"That’s all." The four kingdoms are dark, and the Lord is silent at night. Nowadays, the countries in the Qiyuan world are not the ones that just entered the Kuntian spirit world. At that time, China was not a thing, and it had very little true spiritual practice. To put it bluntly, a criterion of whether the Azhen civilization is strong or not is to see how many true spiritual practices it has. Kai Yuan Jie Tian is the world’s worst, with the least star field and the least population. The total number of innocent spiritual practices in the whole world does not account for one percent of the total population. The three-system China in this world is a small ant that he can simply ignore. Even after the two worlds were opened, he dismissed them. But who would have thought. In the battle between Kuntian and Qiyuan, the Heilie Dynasty, which has a boundary, will be defeated, making the once-neglected little ant grow into a small crocodile after only a thousand stars in the two boundaries. The spirit world of Kuntian is no better than that of Qiyuan. It is a unified world and a true all-Asian spirit world. Although its patriarchal civilization is still in the primary stage, it is a divergent world after all. There are more than 100,000 mature star fields, and true spirituality accounts for 20% of the total population, which is huge. Originally, the three-system China, which occupied thousands of star fields in Kun Tian’s spiritual world, could still be ignored, but after the punishment of Tian Zhi. The super-fusion temperament shown by China and other countries forced him to pay attention. The report in hand clearly pointed out that although the punishment of Heaven has made all ethnic groups in Kuntian Sanzhi New District hate, the three-system society, which can accommodate everything as long as it abides by the everyone judge system, has successfully integrated hundreds of races in the three-system new district in more than 100 interstellar days.Not only that, the new generation of all ethnic groups also fully agreed with the three systems. According to the assessment, under the influence of the big environment and these new boys. It is expected that before long, hundreds of races will be transformed into three-person people.
Looking at the intelligence data at the end of the details, it is very annoying in the dark. The strength of the heavenly master, the second-generation celestial battle star fortress that has been certified to fight against the dark universe tanks, and a three-system system that can make Kun Tianren with sub-true spiritual qualities explode with greater potential. All this seems to tell him clearly that he should not think about Kun Tianren. Although this world was originally in the bag of his plan, the situation has changed now, and he has nowhere to make it, and he has an infinite army that can put out the spirit world of Kun Tian at once, beyond his reach. When he conquers the world of Kun Tian one day and refers to the spirit world of Kun Tian, the spirit world of Kun Tian has changed! Or has grown to the true spiritual civilization world that can compete with his dark kingdom.
"Curse, curse. I hope that the spiritual world of Kuntian will develop in the worst place. "
After thinking for a while in the dark, he finally sighed, and his will could not control what was happening in the Kuntian spirit world and the Kuntian Sanzhi New District. After reading the report over and over again, and the new news constantly coming, it is suggested that the eyes of all the countries in China, which are extending the Sanzhi system to thousands of star fields in their occupied areas, have drawn to the new star fields in the auxiliary scattered area of Kuntian spirit world and the undeveloped more than 10,000 mature star fields adjacent to many new star fields. In the dark night, it seems that in the near future, the Kuntian Sanzhi New District will pass through the Fortress of the Gods, bypass the Heilie Dynasty, cross the horizon of the barren world, and immigrate to the uninhabited star field in the auxiliary scattered area of Kuntian Lingjie.
It should be said that the strategic vision of the four realms of God is very sinister. As early as the war between Kuntian and Qiyuan came to an end, Tianxin secretly sent an envoy to the auxiliary scattered area of Kuntian spirit world, which was beyond the reach of Heilie Dynasty. Eight second-generation celestial battle star fortresses first transported 80 billion celestial warriors to the auxiliary scattered area, and then made several round trips, and transported nearly 800 billion celestial talents to the most resource-rich unmanned star field selected by the celestial warriors, where to build the Star City and large-scale military base.
Some previous ideas have transferred the information of dark cosmic tanks and dark celestial weapons to military bases in unmanned star fields, and put forward high research and development requirements. Instead of making cosmic tanks and even star fortresses, the base should develop standard weapons that can smash the universe tanks and even star fortresses. To achieve this goal. Tianxin even left Xiaoxing’s pirate fortress to the military base for reference, and even left a little intangible boundary for researchers to study. This boundary is the best armor material. After successful research and development, the standard weapons in China will have the title of unbreakable.
"If you don’t want to be invaded by others, you only have a weapon stronger than others!"
Sharp weapon, armament, high-ranking soldiers, the system of ensuring the comprehensive strength of the group is harmonious and strong.
But … Compared with the way from the master of one heaven to the master of four worlds, the leaders of all walks of life have different perspectives on the three-system China. Accustomed to being a conqueror, the dark night naturally pays special attention to the possession of land by the Chinese nations, while other worlds, including the dark gods, have a strong interest in the three-system civilization of the Chinese nations and the founder of this civilization, the Chinese nations. They think. It’s time to contact this civilization!
As the King of the Ten Yellow Clans said, "We should all pay attention to the new civilization and its owners."
The advocacy of the king, the first of the ten families in the universe, has been recognized by all walks of life. A large number of foreign affairs personnel and adventurers of all ethnic groups have entered the original world after a short stay and probation in the Kuntian three-system new district. The goal is without exception. In the end, they are all the nine-pole star city in Taitai, the "legendary" hometown of the Chinese Communist Party. At this time, every heavenly heart returned from the dark god day soon.
Understanding and communication is the need of human beings, and it is also a way to remove unnecessary confrontation between different civilizations. For foreign affairs personnel and adventurers from all walks of life, they pass through the Kuntian border. Tianxin is very welcome to enter the Taiji Star City, the place where Qiyuan World visited.
However, the days are always different, and the good things are difficult to complete.
It was a good and happy thing, and everyone was happy to see it. However, the adventurers who went to the Star City of the Earth’s Nine Extremes actually disappeared. Not only one or two people were missing, but eight million high-level true spirit adventurers evaporated for no reason. At this time. It is the time when Tianxin wants to reciprocate and "explore" the Ten Kingdoms as an adventurer.
When this secret super alarm came, Tianxin was really anxious. The alarm reached his hand, which means that the guardian of the nine-pole star city and even the space-based soldiers could do nothing about the disappearance.
"Someone is definitely up to something."
Heavenly heart thought. It is true that there is a great secret in the Star City of the Earth’s Nine Extremes, but it is by no means impossible for practitioners below the highest celestial realm to discover it. After meditation for a while, Tianxin opened the written materials sent by the Tianzhi Department and the Space-based Warrior of the Earth’s Nine Extremes Star City.
On 3712, the first year of interstellar …
The story is very simple, that is, the missing adventurer went to the interstellar city boundary with the solar system sun stars and Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the earth as the main body, and suddenly disappeared. The disappearance was quite strange and sudden until the auxiliary brain worn by 8 million adventurers lost its signal. The household police of the police department discovered that something was unusual, and promptly informed the Supreme Executive Department. In many countries in China, the signal of accessory brain loss generally indicates that the accessory brain wearer has lost his life. Eight million adventurers between the end of the true spirit and the beginning of the realm of the gods lost their lives, which is incredible in any case, and the case was quickly classified as SSS-level secret. The day after tomorrow, the organizers and space-based soldiers went to explore the nine planets, but they couldn’t find any clues! So …
"These adventurers are really adventurers. They dare to venture anywhere!"
After reading the file, Tianxin is almost certain that the so-called missing eight million adventurers from another plane must have discovered the Nine-pole Passage of the Earth. Back in those days, he tried his best to explore the end with a single line of divine knowledge, and he couldn’t find out what the world was at the other end of the nine-pole passage. It’s not weird to venture into another world, but it’s not weird that the disappearance of spiritual practice is really strange, because with their great relocation ability, they try their best to display and move out of their own detection range of gods, at least it will take one or twenty interstellar days. As for the auxiliary brain losing signal, it must be that these guys are trapped in a special space that can isolate signals. Now they must be enduring some strange phenomena, but don’t make any monsters!