However, I have been dealing with the evil gods for many years, and the fortress of God of War has become experienced in dealing with these creatures.


Therefore, the commander of the fortress did not panic at the end. He raised his arm and made a gesture. The’ fortress’ in the team released the’ stick to the force field’ and let the khaki brilliance cover the army.
Then the commander’s gesture changed again, and there was an energy break behind him. One light beam after another passed the commander and drew a straight trajectory into the lions in front.
Those beams were shot, and the lions and scorpions were directly burned. After the beams passed, they squirmed and dirty and flowed out. Even so, those severely damaged lions and scorpions didn’t fall directly to the ground and died, but they still ran forward for a scorpion tail or sprayed scorpion needles or lasered poisonous fog before they fell to the ground and died.
As for the fortress, when the lions rushed in, the soldiers in front of the defense line set up an armored heavy shield. After these shields were set up, the soldiers started the shield, and a device was installed. At the bottom of the shield, a drill bit would rotate and drill into the ground to firmly set up the shield on the ground.
So the lions, scorpions, needles shot at the shields, and the shields buzzed, but they were shot through the armored shields and pushed down.
It is easier to deal with the poisonous fog. These soldiers are wearing closed helmets, cutting off the external air circulation and fearing the poisonous fog.
When the commander’s arm swung forward fiercely, the figures jumped out. Those were officers of the rank of God of War. They made the unified and special weapon to deal with the evil gods, and the large weapon body flashed with the light of’ Star Barrier’ and easily killed the lion and scorpion that approached.
At the same time, the defense soldiers also pressed back and supported the sublimation officers with the help of the front shield array to deal with these evils effectively and quickly.
In the control room, I saw that the impact of evil was stopped. Lin Ke hung a heart and let it go. He clenched his fist slightly and smiled.
The sub-boundary flora incident was sudden and the fortress of God of War
However, there is no experience in dealing with this kind of thing, so there will be such a mess.
Nowadays, we have accumulated quite a lot of experience in dealing with the evil, and most of these experiences have been sorted out and then awarded to every officer in the form of teaching.
Therefore, although there has been an emergency like this evening, the fortress of Mars is in good order to deal with it.
"I found it!"
Someone in the control room shouted. Lin Kewen looked and saw a petite figure appearing on an enlarged screen. The humanoid deity looked like a human girl, but her skin was blue. Her head had big ears like a cat, and her body was mottled. A fluffy long tail twisted from time to time behind her.
The catwoman’s neck is dancing with a circle of light, which is not long but colorful.
Catwoman has a grey bone knife on the ground at her feet. The handle has a wide surface and a circle of red mane. The handle looks like a piece of animal bone. The overall style is very barbaric.
It seems to perceive that the human eyes are suddenly staring at the screen, and then it seems that the osteotome is lifted and picked up, and it reaches out and catches it. It suddenly leaps in the middle and violates the physical rules, and when it steps on the small and exquisite body, it suddenly retreats into the depths of the channel and disappears into the picture.
I don’t know if it’s out of the battlefield, but it always disappears from the screen, moving forward and backward in an orderly way, and the evil spirits do their own things. They have changed from an army to a mess.
So the fortress has to harvest them from the ground
It didn’t take long for these evil spirits to retreat and escape from the passage, leaving bodies all over the ground.
Seeing the end of the tunnel battle, Lin Ke’s workers have just been destroyed in this battle. Many monitoring machines need Lin Ke’s maintenance and recovery, so several teams enter the tunnel with equipment and cross the corpses of the gods to repair the damaged equipment.
Deep in the channel, I looked at the communication terminal and rolled the information. In the helmet of Lin Ke, I vomited a sigh slightly.
Its channel battles have also come to an end one after another. Tonight, the evil spirits finally drew a stop. Except that it will be relatively troublesome to deal with a large number of evil spirits’ bodies, it is fine.
"Finish early and call it a day," said Lin Kefang to himself.
At the same time, he wondered what happened tonight. There was a’ commander’ in the group, but it ended in an anticlimactic way.
He thought about it and smiled. "Isn’t that good? Maybe those things are testing the strength of our defense line and trying to rush out. They have done a lot of similar things."
Although I found a reasonable explanation for myself, Lin Ke always felt that things would not be so simple.
Ten kilometers east of Shennie base, the moonlight in the desert is cold, and the desert is quiet and lifeless.
At this time, there was a sand bulge to form a sandbag, and then a shadow emerged from it. When the shadow came out, a bottomless channel was visible. If someone climbed in along this channel, they would reach the depths of the evil nest …
Chapter 1277 The trend of the times
What comes out of the sand is a disgusting dark meat mass, which grows various organs at will and these organs grow together irregularly.
An organ like a heart is wrapped in a finger and spit out in a maw. It is not a tongue, but a piece of crimson small intestine. An arm like a human has several eyes with different shapes. Two people’s legs are covered with gray bones …
The monster kept crawling and contracting, and those organs were bundled into the body cavity and fixed in certain positions.
Moonlight, the meat that emerged from the sand gradually took shape, and flesh and blood peristalsis formed the head, body and limbs. Then the head grew two eyes, which were not ugly …
The body was gradually shaped into a strong male figure, and the original body was a mass of crawling flesh and blood, and the hands and feet were also fixed in the shape of palms and soles, and bare fingers grew pieces of nails.
Finally, light brown hair emerged, so a male human in his early thirties appeared in the moonlight sand. At this time, the facial features of this man were still adjusted, and muscles and bones moved at will, and a more ordinary face was formed.
Now, the man’s neck is melted by the front dark meat, and the light disappears, and the surface changes color and is coated with a layer of wheat color.
So if you don’t look carefully, you will feel that there are some stripes on its neck, but you don’t know that it is necessary to wear it after camouflage.
Obviously, the man blinked his eyes and made the final adjustment from the original slightly narrow pupil to a rounded one, so it didn’t look weird anymore.
Except that it has no clothes to cover its body at the moment, if it is thrown into the fortress, no one will associate it with the evil god.
It raised its head like a newborn baby and walked unsteadily, but it didn’t take long for it to walk like a fly in the desert, leaving footprints that pointed to a place.
Fort Mars!
I have been back to the fortress for three days. In the past few days, Tianyang has been studying new acquisitions in addition to accompanying Sunseeker Tong and its girls.
He got an incomplete nightmare from Ali.
Through these days, I have explored the nature that Tianyang is roughly white.
To make the’ nightmare’ sun make the target fall into the dream, the more fragile the object’s mind is, the shorter it will be when it enters the dream. On the contrary, it takes a little bit to attack the other person’s spirit, and it will take some time for the target to fall into the dream unconsciously.
However, he can also forcibly pull the other person into the dream, but this way is too rude, and it is easy for people to find a sense of disobedience, so as to see through and quit the dream.
Let the target fall into a dream. The day after tomorrow, Yang can manipulate the dream and let the opponent fall into an inescapable nightmare, just like what he once did to Ali, which made Ali fall into a lonely dream for thousands of years and eventually collapsed.
In addition to this function, "nightmare" can also let Tianyang dig out the fear in the other person’s heart to understand the opponent’s weakness and Gary.
Generally speaking, the quality of’ nightmare’ is not so strong, compared with’ war occupation’, there is a big gap, but it makes Tianyang know that opponents have other qualities in tapping weaknesses.
Moreover, the three qualities of "crack door", "fate interference" and "distance control" naturally formed a magic symbol.
Now that he has more "war invasion" and "nightmare", will one more quality form a second charm?
It’s quite exciting to think about it
In addition, in the past few days, sometimes when he recalled the experience accumulated in the battle process in Xingdu, he vaguely realized his own unique weather, but he was still almost there.
But my father said that everyone is in a hurry to be strong. It is the product of experience, sentiment and temperament. It may come in a second, or it may always be one step and a half.
So Tianyang doesn’t have a fairly relaxed state to look at this matter.
When calculating, it’s time to go back to the scavenger city to take over the thunder parliament, so I bid farewell to all the people and temporarily leave the fort of Mars
Internal crevice
The dust in the collection room is quiet and dancing, but when the gray sky is no longer in the cracks, it is projected from the window like a fixed eternal dusk, and the golden reddish sunshine adds a little warmth to the deserted house.
The silver light highlights the outline, and soon a pair of silver wings take shape. It slowly reveals a mottled old arch behind it, and when the arch shakes, you will see the sun step into it.
Yang didn’t return to the scavenger city immediately the day after tomorrow. Anyway, it was just a blink of an eye for him, and he wasn’t in a hurry
He came to the square where parasitic bacteria were cultivated a few days ago from the collection house.
As soon as Tianyang got close to the square, he immediately got in touch with the’ nucleus divided into brains’. At the same time, he saw a piece of black and blue counter-boundary flora in the square, which covered a small part of the ground with a slight flashing blue light.
Tianyang looked up at two body discovered bodies not far away. His mind gave instructions to the’ deep and remote nucleus to divide the brain’ and ordered it to let the reverse fungus invade and parasitize.
Soon Tianyang saw that the black and blue flora on the ground was brushed into two pieces and rushed toward the body discovered like two carpets. When they came to the body discovered, they rolled the legs of the body discovered.
Tianyangwei was nervous and afraid that the body discovered would resist, but the body discovered remained motionless, as if they were aware of what was happening outside. They climbed up from the flora, and then they got into the mouth, nostrils, ears and even the corners of the eyes.
Then Tianyang got a piece of information.
It takes 12 hours for the flora to parasitize completely’