Now this bug will directly destroy the game body, which is equivalent to the game. Plus, Zhang Yiming’s discovery of that bug is equivalent to grasping the two lifelines of Wanwang Company.


Chen Bo sent an email to Wanwang’s operating mailbox. Of course, it is impossible to send all the bugs. First, give them two bugs that are certain but have a small impact, so that they can be sure that they are true, and then tell them that there are still two bugs in their hands that are big enough to collapse the whole company, so they don’t believe them.
The CEO office of Wanwang Company, an office building in Imperial Capital Yanjing, was pushed in a hurry.
"What is it?" The man looking at the papers behind his desk saw someone breaking into his office and said unhappily, "Don’t you know it’s polite to knock when you come in?"
"Sorry, Mr. Wang" broke in and the man wiped his forehead and looked grim.
"If this happens again, you will be severely punished!" Mr.wong cold hum a sink a way
"Why don’t you take a look at this?" Said and handed a document.
Mr. Wang was afraid of missing something, read it carefully, and then angrily dropped the folder on the table and scolded, "Are you in such a hurry to find these small loopholes?" Hmm? Director ma! !”
"No … that’s not the case," Director Ma quickly explained. "This was sent to the company’s mailbox by someone else. The other party said that there were bigger bugs. These small loopholes were tested by us."
Mr. Wang’s face was slightly relaxed. "Has the technical department already tested it?"
"What are the other requirements?" Mr.wong face some dignified.
How can he be a fool if he can do this position? Since the other party dares to take these small loopholes to verify, there must still be a cause for success.
Online games are different from stand-alone games, which rely on selling and peripheral profits to recharge games by the stickiness of online players. Moreover, I don’t know how many companies are staring at them, and if they are not handled well, the whole company will suffer huge losses.
"The other party Pengcheng asked for an on-site interview. I think it should be easier to solve the problem since the other party said so and there is no online announcement."
Director Ma put forward his own opinions to the point.
"That you immediately book a ticket to Pengcheng must bring it to me! And bring the engineers from the technical department with you! " Mr.wong just a meditation for the first time, very not procrastinating, and immediately gave instructions to Director Ma, who is responsible for the operation.
Chapter 11 Wild speculations and sitting on the ground to pay back the money
Chen Bo soon received a reply from Wanwang Company to check his email, and the Wanwang negotiation team had already landed at Pengcheng Airport.
It seems that the other party is also anxious enough. Normal negotiations will not be so hot and will take the initiative to hand it over. Since the other party has arrived so soon, it has already said that the other party is already impatient.
Of course, Chen Bo is more happy to see this situation. Chen Bo has finished his initiative.
Call Zhang Yiming, who is still asleep, and then meet him at a hotel designated by the other party.
"Three knives, how much do you think these bugs can sell?" Zhang Yiming rushed to the door of the hotel in a daze with a chicken nest-like hair. When he saw Chen Bo, he leaned forward and asked.
Chen Bo smiled mysteriously, stretched out two fingers and said to him with disgust, "Can you pay attention to your image? It’s also the future chief technology officer!"
Zhang Yiming scratched his head and was embarrassed. "Hey, hey, I’m busy. It’s not bad to earn 20 thousand these days!"
Chen Bo couldn’t wait to kick him out of the rain platform. If these bugs were sold for 20 thousand, it would be better to buy a piece of tofu and kill him. It was a technical dead house with no business sense
I don’t know whether I am lucky or unlucky to know him!
Simply ignore his stubble and turn straight into the hotel. Zhang Yiming quickly followed Chen Bo’s pace and led them to a small conference room.
There are already two men in their thirties who are looking solemn and waiting there.
"Are you Chen Bo?" A man got up and held out his hand. "I’m Ma Feitian, director of operations of Wanwang."
Chen Bo nodded slightly, so he shook hands with the other side in a deep way. Then the two sides introduced engineer Wanwang and Zhang Yiming respectively. What was the name of the other engineer? Chen Bo really didn’t remember and didn’t need to remember that he could make such a bug in a game. The technical team is also a talent, and obviously he has no interest in making friends.
The two sides sat down and Chen Bo directly handed the USB flash drive to the engineer of the other side. Since the other side brought the engineer to show it, it was a plan to verify it on the spot. Of course, Chen Bo also expressed his sincerity simply and neatly.
Chen Bo and Zhang Yiming are leisurely drinking tea and eating snacks, but the opposite of them is another scene. After one bug is verified, both of them are complicated and full of cold sweat.
I don’t know what will happen if these bugs are secretly leaked out.
They were always busy for a while, and finally all the bugs were verified one by one, and the department was all right.
"What about Director Ma? What I said is true?" Chen Bo ponder laughed
"It’s true." Ma Feitian’s head is like a chicken eating rice. "The two really are heroes. Teenagers have this ability at a young age."
Ma Feitian flew over with a compliment, and Chen Bo knew that he was a little guilty and short of breath. He wouldn’t buy it because he had seen it too much.
"Mr. Ma, let’s make a long story short, so how much is your company going to bid?"
Ma Feitian wipes his head and sweats. Don’t look at the young man opposite. It’s quite difficult to deal with a pair of calm and idle food. You don’t even accept compliments and play cards according to the routine.
Normal negotiations have to compliment each other, be polite, enhance the revolutionary friendship of the people, have a meal and drink two cups, and finally a price that is satisfactory to both sides will be set.
I don’t know that the bottom line of Wanwang has been sold by Ma Feitian’s expression department.
Seeing Chen Bo, it is not good for him to delay solving it early, or the big BOSS can still wait for news in Yanjing.
"Well, then … then our company is going to bid 10,000 thanks to the hard work of Brother Chen." Ma Feitian’s eyes were unpredictable and he finally quoted a price.
Zhang Yiming couldn’t help but wink at Chen Bo’s sleeve when he heard that the price far exceeded his psychological expectation.
Chen Bo frowned and gave him a little upset expression. Cold hum a "Ma Zong is bullying our brothers and doesn’t understand anything?" I believe that some sellers are interested in this information. "
"Don’t, brother Chen, then I’ll make the decision if you say the price is reasonable!" Ma Feitian see each other some troubles quickly way
"Not a penny less than 500,000!" Chen Bo said firmly.
"This … this is too much."
500 thousand, that’s the sky-high price. What’s the price of a first-tier city house now? But it’s only three or four thousand dollars. It’s hard enough for Wanwang Company to invest in these game components. Now, which is an Internet company with deep pockets? It’s not like last year when a bunch of venture capitalists were all around you.
Now the internet company has changed from a beacon to a smelly shit, and anyone who sees it will go far away.
But the other party’s 50 thousand is absolutely difficult. He can’t do it even if he is killed. Lord, I hate what he just said so quickly
So I quickly calmed Chen Bo’s mood and called Yanjing boss on the pretext of urinating.