"Lushan is the most abundant place in heaven and earth." Qin Shaojie said.


"So? Of course, on behalf of several other elders, I can agree to let you enter the spiritual place under the sword pool of Shushan to practice. "
"Spirit? What is that place? " Qin Shaojie curious asked.
"This spiritual place is the most important place in Shushan. Only the chief disciples of the heads of past dynasties can enter it, or young disciples with extraordinary talents will be allowed to practice under the sword pool. There, the aura is more than 100 times higher than other places in Shushan."
"I depend, so powerful?" Qin Shaojie surprised eyes almost fell off.
Generally, when a person is just practicing, the master will tell him a sentence, which is widely circulated among novices in the field of practice,’ The mountain is high and the practice is good’.
This sentence means that the higher the place, the more abundant the aura, which is beneficial to practice. Therefore, almost all schools of practice are built on mountains. Even those who practice after joining the WTO usually live in places like hotels, but find a high mountain. From this point of view, the aura of heaven and earth is indeed very important for practitioners. Of course, Qin Shaojie is an exception. The speed of his practice can be described by the word "changing state".
It’s like when a child is still learning to walk, he is already running around with joy. By the time people can run and jump, he has covered Bolt, who is said to be beyond the speed limit of human beings.
"Don’t other disciples sneak in?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Of course not. As I told you just now, only the chief disciple and gifted young disciple of each generation will be allowed to enter. If other disciples enter, it will be counterproductive."
"The most important thing is that the spirit land is not so easy to enter. If two elders don’t work together to open the ban, let alone go to the spirit land. When you first enter the sword pool, you will be killed by an arrow."
"Elder Tian, do you think it’s okay if I go in?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Of course." Tian elders smiled and said. "Qin Xiaoyou, regardless of whether you are a descendant of Tiandan, at the speed of your practice, it is once in a thousand years. I have never seen anyone who practices so fast like you. If I am not mistaken, you have now entered the realm of the meat fairy period. Ha ha, if you are not gifted, who else is? "
That’s right, grandpa. I’m just gifted. Qin Shaojie was praised by Elder Tian, and he couldn’t help feeling a little high, but now is not the time to boast.
"Well, let’s do it. We’ll leave now." Qin Shaojie immediately made a decision.
Chapter 338 Mutation [Eight More]
Shen Yuanfang is, after all, the head of Shushan, and he was also very surprised when he heard Tian’s elder say that he wanted Qin Shaojie to enter the spiritual land. His eldest disciple Yu Shibo hasn’t gone in yet, and this stranger will go in first?
"Yuan Fang, you should also know that the magic road is just around the corner, and Qin Xiaoyou is also a descendant of Tiandan. Therefore, it is not bad to say that he is the savior of the whole spiritual world. Now, he has the Tianbao box in his hand, so I decided to let him practice in the spiritual world." Elder Tian said.
"Elder Tian, I didn’t deny the identity of the Master of Qin." Shen Yuanfang paused and said. "It’s just that I have one request."
"Tell me what you want." Although he is an elder, after all, Shen Yuanfang is now the head of the whole of shushan, and it is natural to consider the requirements for Shen Yuanfang, if not too much.
"In fact, my request is very simple." Shen Yuanfang said. "I’m going to let Shibo join him in spiritual cultivation. On the one hand, I can improve Shibo’s cultivation, and on the other hand, I can protect his law."
That’s nice. I’m afraid it’s true that I want your big disciple to improve his cultivation. Qin Shaojie heart andao, but didn’t say it, how to say this is somebody else’s territory, people have such a request, too much?
"This is no problem." Tian elders wanted to think and said. "Your great apprentice has a good talent, and it’s time to enter the spirit land."
When Yu Shibo heard the news, his jaw dropped in surprise. You can enter the spirit land yourself? You can enter the spirit land before you are thirty years old?
He couldn’t believe that he might be the youngest person to enter the spiritual land in the history of shushan. But when he heard that his duty was to protect Qin Shaojie in addition to practicing, his face was not so good.
Forget it, forget it, it’s wrong to enter the spiritual land, Yu Shibo comforted himself.
The sword pool of Shushan is located at the highest place in Shushan, and it is also the most mysterious place in Shushan. All disciples, when they reach the realm of golden body, will be taken as a sword pool by their master to choose their own sword. The disciples of Shushan choose swords differently from others, and on the contrary, all disciples of other sects choose swords by people, while those of Shushan need swords to choose people.
Each person has a sword, and there are as many as ten thousand swords in the sword pool of Shushan, but each person can only have one. For example, a disciple with average qualifications entered the sword pool and wanted a peerless flying sword, but it happened that a broken sword that was almost rusty chose him. That’s a tragedy. He will have to use this sword all his life.
To enter the sword pool, it is also necessary for Elder Tian to lift the ban. Otherwise, the Wan Jian array set by him will be triggered. At that time, when he came, he had to hang some color if he wanted to leave.
As soon as he entered the sword pool, Qin Shaojie could clearly feel the majestic momentum here. Together with the three people, there is also Elder Feng. Elder Tian alone can’t open the passage to the spiritual land.
In the middle of the sword pool, there is a huge gossip pattern on the ground. This pattern is not painted, but is similar to an entrance to the underground palace. The black and white of gossip is a door, and it needs two elders to unite. Now the entrance can be opened.
After a mechanical sound, the gossip pattern was separated from the middle to both sides, and in the middle, it was indeed a dark hole.
"You go in. I’ll be leaving now. " With that, Elder Feng turned and walked out.
"Let’s go down." Elder Tian said. Then he jumped out of the dark hole first. At Qin Shaojie, Yu Shibo jumped with Elder Tian. When Qin Shaojie jumped down, he discovered that this magical place of Shu Mountain is not under this sword pool, but the entrance under the gossip pattern, just like a transfer matrix, will send you to another place when jumping down.
Castle peak, green water and blue sky. The scenery of this spiritual place can’t say how special it is, but Qin Shaojie feels that every inch of space here is full of aura of heaven and earth, and as Elder Tian said, the aura here is more than one hundred times higher than that outside.
"Qin Xiaoyou, this is the spiritual place of my Lushan Mountain." Elder Tian said. "It’s safe here. Now, you can open the treasure box."
Qin Shaojie nodded, took out the Tianbao box from Gankun bag, put his palm on it, and entered a real yuan.
The golden light flashed. At this time, Qin Shaojie had two books that seemed to be made of animal skins, one golden and the other black. Both books are also written in three words-Xuanyuan tactic and undead technique.
Qin Shaojie’s hand trembled slightly. These two books are all ancient magical skills, and now they are all in their own hands.
"Sure enough, it was Xuanyuan tactic and undead art." Elder Tian was also very excited. He leaned in, picked up a book and flipped through it. Yu Shibo also wanted to lean in to see this legendary ancient magic skill, but after thinking about it and feeling that he was not qualified enough, he sat down discouraged and began to feel the ample aura of heaven and earth in the spiritual world.
"It’s strange that there are no words on it." Elder Tian opened the book on the art of the undead and read it for a long time before he said in surprise.
"What? No words? " Qin Shaojie one leng, then quickly open the hands of Xuanyuan tactic. "I didn’t also the word. What’s going on Is it necessary to inject it with real yuan? " Say, then put a true yuan into the Xuanyuan tactic. For an instant, there was a golden light on Xuanyuan tactic, which was just a wordless gobbledygook. Then, lines of golden words appeared on it.
"So that’s it." Seeing the words appeared on Xuanyuan tactic, Tian Elders also suddenly realized that they injected a true yuan into the undead art, but the undead art did not appear as words on Xuanyuan tactic.
"What is this?" Tian elders strange said.
"I see." Qin Shaojie said. "Only the descendants of Tiandan can make the words on Xuanyuan tactic displayed in this way. I think that the undead art needs the true yuan of the descendants of Magic Dan."