Wang Hairui gently blowing tea, looking at Li Yuanchao asked.


Li Yuanchao looked around and said slowly.
"What can I say? If Qin was not here yesterday, maybe in a few days, you will be able to participate in my first seven?" It’s false to say that you’re not angry. Try to find your people to assassinate you and see how you feel when you know the person who bought the murder.
"Words can’t say that, I know you hate me, but since I can do it, I’m not afraid. No matter how powerful you are, the Li family is called the first family in Beijing, but my Wang family is not bad, is it? If our two families work against each other, I believe that there will be no result for a while, but others have picked up a ready-made bargain. "
Wang Hairui said slowly.
He’s right. They two old guys know the pros and cons best.
If the Wangs do anything with Li Guyou, those other small families will get a lot of benefits. To make further progress, the state may intervene. Because the financial resources of the two companies are very strong, if we want to fight a financial war face to face, it will certainly have an impact on the stock market, and the state cannot let it go.
Qin Shaojie looked around. It seems that Wang Hua didn’t follow him just now. Gave Ethan a wink first, then said.
"Old man, you are the thickest person I have ever seen."
"Haha, thanks to Qin Xiaoyou’s praise."
Wang Hairui’s face is that smile for a long time, and his mouth laughs in response to Qin Shaojie, but his heart is already unloading Qin Shaojie in eight pieces, 16 pieces and 32 pieces. This little bastard has no respect for the elderly.
The meaning of "see Lao li, I believe you also born. How can you not understand such a simple truth? "
Shit, are you trying to trick me? From an extraordinary family? It is, but it’s not what you old fox thought.
"I’m naturally born, but now is not the time for me, nor is it the time for you to pull those truths. The purpose of our coming is also very simple. " Qin Shaojie took a sip of tea and continued. As early as before Qin Shaojie asked Li Yuanchao how to solve this problem, Li Yuanchao had analyzed the pros and cons for Qin Shaojie. But how can we best solve it? But also make up our minds, so, Qin Shaojie will make their own decisions.
"You see, Lao Li is old and has experienced such a nerve-racking. Should he be compensated?"
"Yes, the compensation." Wang Hairui said.
Since something can be solved with money, it is not a thing.
"Yes, what mental damage compensation, the shock relief fee, and the compensation for being in a bad mood? How much do you think you should give?" Qin Shaojie asked with a smile.
I can accept this bastard, mental damage compensation, and the surprise charge. What is the last compensation for being in a bad mood?
Wang Hairui that gas in my heart, but I still say.
"How much do you think is appropriate?"
Wang Hairui squinted and asked, his eyes seemed to say, "Boy, enough is enough."
Qin Shaojie don’t care about those, for his eyes automatically filter, continued.
"Let’s not talk about this, let’s talk about me. I worked hard for a long time before I caught the killer. Oh, yes, it’s the one beside me." Qin Shaojie pointed to Ethan and said.
"You have to pay for my hard work, right?"
"By the way, there is the other half of this killer classmate’s reward, and you have to settle it, right?"
Qin Shaojie pulled his fingers and was still thinking hard. Where else could he start and let him get to the compensation point?
God knows how Wang Hairui feels now, but I can’t say it anyway. He hasn’t been so angry for a long time.
This boy, obviously in the wrong person, return not bashful say this compensation that compensation?
I also recognize the compensation for my bad mood, but what does your labor cost have to do with me? Even if you want to give it, Li Yuanchao will give it to you.
And that killer, you driver, didn’t kill anyone, so how dare you ask for the other half? But Wang Hairui is not easy to get angry.
His family is not short of money, and since people have offered to solve it with money, they have to suffer anyway. Let’s listen first.
"Is there anything else?" Wang Hairui sink a voice asked.
"Yes, why not." Qin Shaojie shine at the moment, continued.
"You see, this guy was tied to the outside for a night yesterday, and he didn’t have any clothes, which led to a bit of a trance now, as if he was ill. You have to pay for this medical fee. Besides, since they are drivers, and they are killers you paid for, there must be one in that car, right? Look outside, yes, I took Lao Li’s Maibakh this morning. Just order something similar. "
Qin Shaojie spoke several conditions in one breath. Even Ethan on the side couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.
Or this young master is very, killing people without seeing blood.
"Ok, then tell me a price."
Wang Hairui see Qin Shaojie don’t say, quickly said. I’m afraid this guy will say any compensation terms again. Money doesn’t care, but my heart can’t stand this anger.
"Well, well, that’s what you asked me to say." Qin Shaojie gulped down the tea in the cup, calculated and said.
"Compensation for Lao li will give a $ ten million, don’t give much. He can’t spend more. And the killer classmate’s money, which is also $10 million. As for my labor fee, just give me a meaning of $500,000, and the car will be converted into $1 million. Since you have settled the final payment for this killer classmate, he will reimburse the medical expenses himself. " Qin Shaojie said that his thigh was two legs, and his expression was serious, which was quite like the appearance of the group boss when negotiating.
Wang Hairui canthus pumping storage, but soon returned to the original appearance.
"That’s twenty-one million five hundred thousand dollars, right? Ok, I gave it. But this matter ends here. "
"No problem, we are gentlemen, haven’t you heard of it? A word from a gentleman is hard to catch up with. " Qin Shaojie said readily.
Wang Hairui didn’t say anything, just took out the checkbook, wrote three checks and handed them to Qin Shaojie.
"Well, ladies and gentlemen, then I won’t send them. I have work to do, housekeeper. Send them for me." Wang Hairui said, and got up and started walking upstairs.
"Well, you’re done. Let’s go, too." Qin Shaojie said to Li Yuanchao.